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Revive Home Inc.

General Contractor based in The Bronx

Who we are
Our home improvement team uses their skills to refresh and rejuvenate your property.

Our tradesmen and subcontractors have a combined 45 years of experience in construction and renovation services, both stateside and abroad.

We offer renovation and construction services, revitalizing ALL communities of color one brick at a time! We are a veteran and melanated/Latino-owned business that seeks to serve communities in The Bronx and surrounding areas.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured!

A family celebrating after using Revive Home, Inc.'s home remodeling services in the Bronx and the greater tri-state area.
We provide financing to customers who either want to hold onto their cash or those that might not have the extra cash available. Options are available!
Financing options are available!

We partner with a financing company to provide our customers with the best options to complete their home.

This assists homeowners who don't think they would qualify for loans. We're here to help when traditional interest rates may be too high, including working with people who have credit scores of 525 and above.

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