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Revive Home, Inc.: Home remodeling in the Bronx and New York
December 30, 2020 at 5:00 AM
A family celebrating after using Revive Home, Inc.'s home remodeling services in the Bronx and the greater tri-state area.

As a veteran, returning to the safety of home was all that mattered. So I know personally how important your home is to you. Because, ultimately, when the world feels like it’s unilaterally stacked against you, there’s no other sanctuary you can truly rely on.

And that’s exactly what I’ve strived to build: a dependable refuge from the storm.

And, as a veteran, I understand the importance of second chances. Especially those who barely got a first one to begin with. And I promise you: your home deserves a second chance, too. Because, here at Revive Home, Inc., we’re an equalizer. We provide opportunities for home remodeling in the Bronx and the greater tri-state area to those who have been disadvantaged.

As a veteran and Moorish-American owned business, we have more than a mission. We have a duty to serve. We’re committed to elevating and helping you transcend your circumstances. Whatever they may be.

What is Revive Home, Inc.?

At Revive Home, Inc., we’re more than just a business. We’re veteran owned and committed to revitalizing all communities of color. Because I know first-hand that everyone needs a helping hand. And, more importantly, everyone deserves a sanctuary to return to every night.

We offer home revitalization in the NYC Tri-State area. We’ve been remodeling commercial spaces and homes for communities of color for years. Our expert team of tradesmen and subcontractors have a cumulative total of 45 years of experience in construction and renovation services, both stateside and abroad.

Simply put: you’re in good hands.

Why should you choose Revive Home, Inc.?

The answer’s simple. I started this business on a simple premise: duty and service. As a veteran and black-owned business, I’ve dedicated myself to helping those with limited opportunities. Because I understand opportunity isn’t always abundant.

We have financing options that save on-hand cash for those with bad credit, or simply those with less-than-stellar credit. I’ve dedicated myself to assisting customers who won’t qualify for loans, or simply those who can’t shoulder back-breaking interest rates.

And, on top of everything else, our experience and track record speaks for itself. Our extensive experience enables us to provide premier home remodeling in the Bronx and greater New York metropolitan area. We’ll do the heavy lifting; you can sit back and relax.

What services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of home remodeling services in the Bronx and greater tri-state area that can accommodate your every need and desire. These include:

  • General electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Building framework
  • Additions and room expansion
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Window installation
  • Cabinet installation

I promise to leave no tile unturned. And I understand that renovating and remodeling your home is renovating and remodeling your life. So every service is conducted with the utmost care and attention. Because you and I both know you deserve it.

In addition to all this, we also offer sustainability. This means rendering your home energy efficient through the use of smart designs and sustainable technology.

Contact us to make an appointment for a free quote

If you’re looking for home remodeling in the Bronx or greater tri-state area, but it feels like a pipe dream, you’ve come to the right place. We render the impossible possible. I want to help you succeed and live your dream. Even if it feels inaccessible, we’ll help with the price of admission. All you have to do is show up.

Contact us today to make an appointment for a free quote on our website. Or call us at (888) 753-7535. This is the first day of your life, and I’m honored you’ve allowed us to accompany you.