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3 questions to ask before your kitchen renovations in NYC
March 11, 2021 at 8:00 AM
Your kitchen renovation in NYC will reinvent your home, and it&#x27;ll reinvent <em>you</em>.

When considering kitchen renovations in NYC and the greater tri-state area, you don’t need us to tell you how stressful that can be. But it’s also important to remember it’s worth it. Your kitchen bookends your days. It sets the tone for your day and serves as a place to decompress.

And, at Revive Home, Inc., we’ve been providing remodeling services to NYC and the greater tri-state area for years. With over 45 years of combined experience, we’re a black-owned business focused on revitalizing communities of color one brick at a time. And, best of all, we offer financing options for those with bad credit or less than stellar credit.

Just as importantly, as a veteran, I understand how essential it is to have a place to return that feels like home. Here are 3 questions to ask before kitchen renovations in NYC!

1. How do I use my kitchen?

Before starting on your kitchen renovation in NYC, evaluating how you use it is imperative. This includes evaluating how many people use it. This is particularly important for empty nesters who have recently had children move out.

This will determine how much appliance and food storage you need. Without kids stopping in for after-school snacks or regular, big family dinners every evening, downsizing your kitchen space might be needed.

Also, think about how many people there will be in your kitchen doing dishes, helping with cooking, and what kind of appliances you use and how often you use them. Understanding how you use your kitchen will dictate what your kitchen transformation will eventually look like!

2. How long will the project take?

When considering contracting kitchen renovation services in NYC, the duration of the project is important to consider. Approximating the length of this endeavor from beginning to end with every milestone in between will help conceptualize exactly what it entails.

And, while most contractors promise quick completion, there are questions you should follow up with. This consultation phase is essential. Ask about other projects they’re working on and how time and labor intensive they are, and ask how they’ll handle delays and setbacks.

This is when you’ll establish a rough timeline and devise a plan to stick to this established timeline. Ideally, you’ll receive a construction schedule that details what will happen each day, week, and month for reference.

3. Can I use it during construction?

Just as important, understanding if you can use your kitchen during renovations will help you understand what kind of arrangements you’ll have to make. Of course, this depends on the scope of your kitchen renovation in NYC.

If you can’t afford to go on vacation or rent a temporary living space during remodeling, it’s important to ensure things are as copacetic as possible. This means establishing house rules, hours of operation, and hours of kitchen accessibility. For example, it’s good to know if there are days when your fridge won’t be turned on or when your sink won’t be working.

This is also a good way of also understanding what you will have to budget for because remodelings have tons of hidden expenses. But, at Revive Home, Inc, our financing options can help you manage all these expenses and walk away with your dream kitchen!

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If you’re considering kitchen renovation in NYC, we’re the apex service provider. While we’re based in the Bronx, we’ve been servicing NYC and the greater tri-state area for years. As a black and veteran-owned business, we strive to level the playing field for communities of color with unique financing options one brick at a time. So make an appointment for a free quote! At Revive Home, Inc., we believe your dream home is a right. Not a privilege.